In today's world, almost every individual has a home office that acts as their workspace most, if not all, days of the week. However, due to its location, a home office can quickly get cluttered with paperwork and other items that don't even relate to it. Maintaining a clean, organized and spacious office space can increase your productivity and efficiency, allowing you to make maximum use of the time that's dedicated to your work. Here you will learn three useful tips that you can utilize to declutter the home office.

Sort items into categories

One of the ways to declutter the office space is by sorting the things into groups based on their nature. Go through everything on your desk, in the drawers and on the shelves and divide items into categories as follows:

  • Items that are no longer being used should be classified as trash, including actual garbage, spoilt printed documents and packaging materials.
  • Office tools, which include equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and telephones, office supplies, stationery and furniture.
  • Items of décor which will be used to decorate and personalize the space, and they include artwork, frames, wallpapers and memorabilia.
  • Items which are in the office and don't belong there should be categorized as transient items, and these should be relocated to create room for office-related things.

Once you classify the items into these categories, you can begin to place them where they should be. Trash should be disposed of, shredded or donated. If you have valuable items that are no longer being used, you can rent a self-storage space where they can be stashed away.

Create a functional filing system

Documents and paperwork are the greatest culprits of cluttering your office space. To declutter the area, you need to create an operational filing system. Classify documents based on their nature and priority and file them accordingly. If there is any paperwork that is not accessed regularly, consider transferring it to a self-storage facility. This will free up space for those documents that are used periodically and improve efficiency as you will be able to access them quickly.

Make use of vertical storage

Very few people have the luxury of a spacious home office. In fact, most of these offices are just located in the corner of one of the rooms in the house. This means that there is minimal floor space to have all your furniture, shelving, cabinets and equipment. Create storage space by making use of floating cabinets and shelves, pegboards and magnetic boards. Buy tall furniture that comes with storage solutions so that you can make maximum use of it as well.

If you need help decluttering your home office, don't hesitate to contact a storage professional  who can view our available space and advice accordingly.