Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can experience on life's highway, but that stress can be multiplied many times when you are arranging an interstate removal. A lot of that stress can be eliminated by choosing the right removalists to help you. From helping you to pack, to transporting your precious cargo with great care, a good interstate removals company will ensure you are ready to settle into your new home and area with as little worry as possible:

Avoid Being The Next Moving Home Horror Story

We've all heard the stories of lost belongings and damaged furniture during a removal, but there are ways you can avoid these catastrophes happening to you. By doing your research, reading reviews and being prepared for moving day, you can be the next success story, not a horror story. 

Checking Credentials And Track Record

Before signing any contract with removalists, it pays to look deeply into company history and the company's track record. After all, you are entrusting your worldly possessions with virtual strangers. Therefore, it makes sense to do as much research as possible. A quick Google search will give you the basics on any company you are interested in, but you can also check review sites, their Facebook page and their company website to find out what people really think of them. 

What To Ask When Booking Interstate Removals

Your move may seem to be quite straightforward, but there are still questions you should ask upfront before booking with any removalists. You'll need to know key information, like how much insurance they carry and whether they are insured to carry certain items. For example, if you have antiques, a piano or you are transporting a vintage or classic car, you will need to mention these items so that sufficient cover is arranged. You can also ask them how your items will be protected and what you can expect on move day. A good interstate removals company won't expect you to lift a finger on move day and will simply get on with the job at hand. 

Ask About Complementary Services

Many removalists offer a range of complementary services alongside their interstate removals service. For example, they might offer to do all of your packing for you, or disassemble and assemble furniture for you. There will be an additional charge for these services but are well worth your consideration as they can save you so much time and effort.