Here are two advantages of using self-storage units when moving house.

Renting a self-storage unit can allow you to move your belongings into your new home at your own pace

After deciding to move out of a property, you are usually given a specific date by which you need to leave. If this date is not too far in the future, you may feel under pressure to quickly work out where each one of your belongings will go in your new home. One way to relieve this pressure would be to rent a self-storage unit and put some of your belongings into this unit before the move, and leave them there until after you've moved.

In contrast, if you brought all of these items with you in one go on your moving day, you might get overwhelmed by how overstuffed and disorganised the new place looks and so the unpacking and organisation of this new home could end up being much harder and more stressful than it should be.

It could make it easier to protect your most expensive possessions

Another advantage of renting a unit is that it could help you to protect your most expensive belongings when you move. If for example, you have a few valuable paintings, it might be sensible to put these into a self-storage unit prior to your move and transport them separately, in a more methodical and unrushed way, after moving your other items.

When all of the contents of your current home are being packed up and transported, it is very easy for items to get damaged during the hustle and bustle of this process. For example, if you have an expensive painting and, after removing it from the wall, you place it beside a pile of boxes, that pile could get knocked over and go crashing down on that painting. Likewise, if a boxed-up painting is placed inside the moving truck with a lot of furniture, and a heavy chest of drawers tips over in the truck, the painting could get ruined (as even if the painting is correctly packaged, the weight of the furniture landing on it could still crush the canvas).

If your most expensive items are in a storage unit when you move, you won't have to worry about them getting damaged, no matter how chaotic the moving process becomes. Furthermore, because the majority of self-storage units are not only extremely clean, and free of pests, dampness and other hazards, but are also under 24-hour surveillance by the facility's security system and security team, the items will be much safer in this space than they would be if you were to have friends or family take care of them whilst you're moving. 

For more info about self-storage, contact a local company.