Having the right packing supplies during a move is one of the most important things one can check off their list. For most people, these supplies include a couple of boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, newspapers, tape, and pens. However, if you want to protect your delicate china, antiques, and furniture, here are four packing supplies you might want to check out.

Packing paper

Newspapers are more affordable and may even be free if you read them at home. However, the ink used on them can leave stains on your dishes and other items. An excellent alternative to newspapers is packing paper because it's clean and white meaning your stuff will be ink-free, and you won't have to wash the dishes after unpacking. Packing paper is also less expensive than bubble wrap and takes up less space so you can pack more stuff in one box.

Padded wrapping paper

If you don't have enough blankets to protect your furniture when moving, do not panic. Padded wrapping paper is a great and affordable alternative that looks just like an ordinary brown paper except it has built-in cushioning. You can wrap your desks, chairs, tables, and dressers with this padded paper to ensure they are not dented or scratched.

Stretch plastic wrap

So you don't want to dismantle the furniture and remove the drawers when moving, or you just want to carry your make up tray the way it is. The best solution is a stretch plastic wrap, and you can find it in any width. If you cover the entire desk or dresser tightly, the drawers won't come flying out during the move. The plastic wrap is also great for protecting your couch from dirt and wetness plus you can move the sofa without taking off the pillows.

Expandable flat box kit

If you are like most people, the huge flat screen is the most valuable item in the house and not because of the price but due to the football matches you have to catch over the weekend. Nobody would even want to imagine their flat screen getting scratched or broken during a move. To ensure that doesn't happen, try expandable flat box kits instead of blankets. This kit includes a box the size of your screen with four foam corners and an anti-static bag to protect the edges of the screen. The box is also very thick so the TV can be moved with the rest of the stuff safely. This kit can also be used to pack your valuable wall paintings and pictures, and they are available in many sizes.

Packing supplies ensure your move is smooth and safe so you must spare no cost at getting the best. Also, make sure that you hire a professional company as you move to your new home.