Moving large furniture like cabinets, piano, couches, dressers, and pool tables can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Besides the fact that lifting them can strain your back and neck, moving large bulky items can also damage your walls, flooring and other things in the house if care is not taken during the process. If you are preparing for a move, here are some tips on how to safely move heavy furniture;

Invite many Friends

Moving a large couch, piano or wardrobe is not a walk in the park, so you need as much help as possible. Even if you have movers around, inviting some physically strong friends to help with the heavy lifting and turning the corners is a great idea. Let everybody you have asked know exactly what they are coming to do so they can be ready and provide sugary drinks and plenty of water for drinking during the move.

Package Properly

To protect your furniture and other surfaces from dents and scratches, it is essential to package every piece properly. It is, of course, necessary to remove casters, knobs, claw feet and mirrors where possible. The best way to package heavy furniture is to wrap them in blankets and pillows to minimize the shock and vibration, but you can also use padded packing paper. For pieces that have drawers, doors, and mirrors, use plastic wrapping paper to secure everything in place and ensure nothing will move during the move. For smaller items, you can use a hard cardboard to wrap them just to ensure they are completely protected.

Hire a Moving Company

As much as friends and relatives may be willing to help with the move, hiring removalists is crucial for a safe and efficient move. Not only do removalists have the experience to move large and delicate items like pianos and cupboards, but they also have the proper gear and equipment to make a move simpler. Professional furniture movers come with tools like trolleys, ramps, castors, locking straps, and ropes to move the heavy items and they also know exactly how to angle the pieces so they won't hit anything. Professional movers may be a bit pricey than friends but moving expensive items is worth the cost because you don't want any damage.

Every time you are moving heavy furniture, there is a risk of an accident happening even with professionals. It is, therefore, necessary to hire a removalist company that is insured to make sure everyone is covered in case something unforeseen happens.