Moving house is one of those occasions in life, much like marriage and divorce, that you never forget. Not only can moving house be highly stressful, but it can also be expensive. That is why choosing the right day for your move is so important. Choose the right day and you could save yourself money and time, not to mention stress.

It is common knowledge that Friday is the most popular day to move on the world over. Does that make it the best day? Not necessarily. There are a few factors to take into account.

Monday to Thursday Is Cheaper

If finances are strained, you'll be pleased to hear that moving on any day but Friday, Saturday or Sunday should be less expensive. This makes sense since many removal services lower their rates from Monday to Friday in order to attract more clientele on those days. Friday, as the most popular day, will be more expensive simply because there is so much competition.

Moving on Friday Gives You the Weekend to Unpack

The best thing about moving on a Friday is that it gives you the weekend to unpack all your essentials. It will also give you and your family some time to explore your new environment.

Monday to Thursday Leaves Problem Solving Time

Moving firms and lawyers tend to be less active on weekends. If an issue arises then, for example, one of your items is damaged during transit, getting hold of your lawyer and removal service might have to wait until Monday. Move on a Monday, however, and you have the entire week to solve any problems that occur.

Moving on Friday Comes With Competition

If you choose to move on a Friday, ensure that you book your preferred removals service months in advance. Since everyone else wants to move on Friday too, if you wait too long to book, you could find yourself scrambling from one removals service to another, desperately trying to get your booking in.

This means that you may end up booking with a less reputable removals service, which puts you and your possessions at risk. Make sure you get your booking in as early as possible!

Your moving experience can literally make or break you. Do it right, and choose the right day, and it will be a day filled with the promise of new beginnings. Do it wrong and your life will be turned upside down for months. If you are set on moving on a particular day, book well in advance to ensure you get the movers you want. For more tips, contact local furniture removal companies.