Whether it's antique pieces that no longer fit your current home's décor or old pieces that you no longer use, it is easy for furniture to create clutter in your home. However, most people who are hoarders of furniture may find it hard to entirely get rid of pieces that they treasure even though they are no longer useful in the home. If you are such a person, moving the furniture to a storage facility can be a great way of decluttering your home without parting with the valuable pieces. This article will teach you some simple yet effective ways to prepare your wooden furniture for removal and storage.

Clean the furniture

Wood is a delicate material that can get damaged over time if it is not prepared adequately before storage. Clean the furniture by using the appropriate cleaner for wood materials and wipe it down to get rid of stains and any food spills, especially on your sofas. Ensure that the furniture is dry and there is no moisture trapped within it. Moisture can cause wood to rot over time or even develop discoloration marks. Cleaning and drying the pieces will ensure that they maintain their appearance when in storage.

Disassemble for easy moving

Furniture such as dressers, cabinets, beds, sofas, and dining sets are quite bulky and can be difficult to move. Assess all the pieces and identify those that can be disassembled into parts for easy moving and storage. Take out the drawers from your storage cabinets and dressers, remove the legs and cushions from the couches, and disassemble the bed. Doing this will make it easy for you to move the items from the house to the truck. Also, it will allow you to hire a smaller moving truck as compared to if you carried the furniture whole.

Cover the furniture

It is easy for furniture to get damaged as you move it to a storage facility. Avoid this by investing in bubble wrap for covering the furniture. The wraps will protect the items from damage as you load and offload them from the truck. Also, if you are moving during the rainy season, wrapping furniture protects it from getting wet or dirty during the move. Take special care of wooden furniture with glass parts and handle it delicately. You can use old sheets together with the bubble wrap to cover the glass components so that they don't break during the move.

Consider hiring a furniture removals company to transport the items from your home to the storage facility. The specialists have the right equipment and expertise to ensure that all your furniture is protected and loaded correctly during the move.