Moving a home comes with tons of expenses, from big ones like buying or leasing a new place to small ones like utility reconnection and change of address fees. This is compounded by the vast number of variables that need to be coordinated. You can save yourself some money by ensuring that your parts are properly coordinated so that others can easily play their parts. This article highlights a few things you can do in preparation for moving to reduce some of the corresponding costs.

1. Declutter

Save money and valuable space by taking time to sort through and remove belongings you no longer need. This is the time to put nostalgia aside and remove anything you haven't used in the last 12 months, especially clothing, old children's toys, broken electronics you haven't fixed/don't need etc. You can pick a room to tackle each day or even enlist the help of family members.

If you have unneeded things that are still in proper working condition, organize a yard sale to make a little money off them. Donate clothes to charity and children's clothes and toys to friends with younger children.

Movers will give quotes based on the volume of things to be packed and removed, so decluttering prior to the movers' survey can reduce your quote. In addition, packing will be simpler and faster.

2. Start planning early

If you're buying a house, you'll need to find a conveyancer and real estate agent to work with. Planning early means you'll have time to get quotations from several companies as well as consulting colleagues and friends for references.

After you have the new home, you'll need moving services, and planning ahead gives you time to consult several interstate removals companies. Some companies have discount rates if you move during off-rush periods, so you can plan to set your moving day when it's cheaper. Booking early allows you to determine the full range of service you want and also allows you to set adequate cash aside for the move.

3. Use a checklist

Knowing all the things that will need doing and paying for helps you plan properly. The checklist you need will depend on the nature of your move. For instance, when moving across states, you'll definitely need to look for a new school for the children. You may also need to change your utilities' providers, and this should be done early to ensure you have services by the time you're moving in.

Look online for an appropriate moving checklist based on your type of move, and then tick off all the tasks as they are done. Remember that getting things done in time prevents last-minute delays/rushes which often have a premium price tag attached.