If you've just bought a house that needs full decoration, you've got a big job ahead before you get to relax and enjoy your new family home; especially if you're doing it yourself. You're probably planning to move in and do the job room by room, working around belongings, kids and commitments. This is highly doable, of course. In fact, most people do it like this—usually because they haven't thought of a better alternative. If you're here looking for tips and tricks, you clearly don't want to be like most people. Read on for 4 ways that you can get your house decorated faster and get on with living in your new home.

Leave the Kids With Relatives or Friends

If you're fortunate enough to have parents close by, take them something nice and ask for a favour. Decorating immediately after a move can be an exhausting task. With children to take care of in-between painting walls and hanging paper, the job moves to a whole other level of hard. Aside from the difficulty, decorating materials and children don't mix well. Whoever you have to beg a favour from, do it—you'll get the job faster, and they'll adjust to their new home better if they're not living in a house that resembles a building site.

Do a Skeleton Move

If you've ever watched a make-over programme, you'll notice they never decorate around people's belongings. Even when they're working on restricted time, they remove furniture as they know they'll get the job done faster. Rent a furniture storage unit for a week, and get the removal company to take your belongings there. You'll want to take a few things with you to make the situation tolerable. Take a bed, some cooking items, and whatever you need to keep clean. Being able to strip and paint walls freely without moving furniture around, or worrying about paint splashes, will save you so much time. 

Get Friends and Family Involved

A job shared is a job halved. If you can get people involved, you'll have the job done in no time. Invite friends and relatives over and offer dinner and refreshments in return for labour. The ones left looking after the kids can be given a reprieve from decorating duties--it seems only fair. 

Take Some Time off from Work

Most people take a few days off when they move. If you can stretch your two days to a week, you can work day and night to get the job done quickly. With the help of your partner, family, and friends, you should be able to decorate a house to a decent standard in that space of time. Maybe not a mansion house—but, if you can afford a mansion, scrap the above, take the kids on holiday and get the decorators in.