Moving houses can be quite expensive, especially if you'll have to cater for storage costs separately. If you are operating on a budget and cutting costs is a significant consideration, getting a removalist who also offers storage services should be an option.  If you choose a company, requesting removals and storage services together will significantly cut spending. 

Storage facilities are indispensable for homeowners who are temporarily moving into smaller units with the intention of renovating their homes. You might also need storage services when there is a difference between the moving date and when to move into your new house. Consequently, a moving company with storage facilities could minimise costs and risks of damage, as well as save you the hassle of dealing with two different companies.

Mobile Storage Facilities

With this kind of service, the removalist will drop off the storage unit outside your home, and you pack your boxes and other belongings inside it.  You will usually have picked the storage unit size that fits your needs.  After arranging your stuff inside the storage unit, it is safely locked.  According to your needs, the removalist can move the storage unit to another location.

This kind of a mobile storage unit can be used for medium to longer-term storage, as well.  You can also request mobile storage along with partial and full moving service.  With partial moving service, the removalist company does not pack your belongings for you.  You get the removalist company come into your home and pack your belongings for you and place them in the storage unit when you request full moving service. 

Self Storage Facilities

Booking removals and storage together is cost cutting.  However, for added convenience and costs, you can go for self-storage.  With self-storage, you have maximum control of the rented storage unit.

With a self-storage unit, you pack, load, store, unload your belongings yourself.   You are given a key, gate code, and whatever else you will need to have unlimited access to your storage unit.  Self-storage is more convenient for some people, even though it costs significantly more than when you book storage and removals together.

When you book storage with a removals company, they will be in complete control of the storage facilities.  In such a case, the removalist will pack, load and store your belongings for you.  For many people who are moving, finances are an issue because of the demands that continue to be placed upon them.  Self-storage facilities are not for you if you want to save costs.  You should get removal and storage services together for a substantial saving.