Moving house with children and pets in tow is difficult. But sometimes, children and pets aren't the only things homeowners take with them to their new home. Cockroaches, for instance, especially the German kind, will happily tag along to your new home if you let them. Of course, that's the last thing you need.

But what if you have a cockroach infestation? How do you stop them from traveling to your new house with you? While no plan is foolproof, you can take several measures to keep cockroaches from moving with you.

Wash All Clothes and Materials

Since cockroaches like to feed on clothing, especially clothing made of nylon and dirty clothing that has food stains on it, you'll need to wash every item of clothing before packing. Also make sure you take down and wash curtains or drapes since cockroaches can hide in the crevices these materials provide. In fact, wash any kind of material in your home, no matter what it is.

Soapy water kills cockroaches, so this is your first line of defence. However, you need to make sure you pack your clothes appropriately as well.

Pack Clothing in Plastic Bins

Never use cardboard to pack your things in a cockroach infested house. Not only do cockroaches live in and feed on cardboard, but they also lay their eggs in the small tunnels between the layers. That rules out using any cardboard boxes that you have been keeping in your home for your move. The cockroaches may have already infested them.

Instead, purchase some plastic bins from your local hardware store. Then, place your clothes into them as soon as they are dry. Don't pile your clothes and linens somewhere in your house while you get ready to pack. Just one pregnant cockroach with 40 babies can start an infestation in your new home.

Consider Replacing Appliances and Electrics

Unfortunately, cockroaches are notorious for infesting electronics like TVs, refrigerators and dishwashers. They also have a penchant for appliances like coffee machines and rice cookers. If you are sure that these items are infested, and you aren't willing to pay for an exterminator to kill the infestation for you before you leave, consider leaving these items behind.

Otherwise, you could end up bringing infested appliances and electronics to your new home. All it takes is one egg pouch containing 40 babies and within a few months, your new home could be crawling with cockroaches. Go over these points with your removalist before you move.