Moving furniture to a new home becomes more complicated when the furniture might need to be in use at all times. When you share your home with a family member who is bedridden, how can you move to your new home while still prioritising their safety and comfort?


The term bedridden can mean several different things. Generally, it covers those who are largely confined to their bed due to advanced age and/or illness, as well as those whose ages and conditions mean that they are unable to leave their beds. The specific circumstances of your loved one will determine the best way to move house.

Leaving the Bed

If your loved one can leave their bed for short periods of time, even if they require assistance to do so, you can plan the necessary logistics so that they are installed in their new bedroom as soon as possible.


Your chosen removalists need to prioritise the contents of your bedridden loved one's bedroom. These items should be the last to be loaded into the moving truck and the first to be unloaded and placed in the new room. Pack fresh bedding and transport this separately. This allows you to set up the bed in your new home as soon as it arrives, keeping the time that they are out of bed to an absolute minimum. 

Professional Assistance

When your loved one cannot leave their bed in a way that permits their furniture to be packed and transported, you might need professional assistance to see to their needs. Consult their doctor should you have any queries or concerns, but it is possible that trained helpers will be required. Your loved one might need to be helped from their bed (into a wheelchair or stretcher) for transport. Do not attempt this form of transportation without appropriate assistance.

A Secondary Location

In some cases, it might be appropriate for your loved one to be transported to a secondary location during the moving process. This could involve an overnight stay with a friend or family member, if they can provide a suitable environment, or even a stay at a care facility. This allows you to move the contents of their bedroom to your new home and set everything up prior to your loved one's arrival in their new room.

Moving house can require an extra level of planning when a loved one is bedridden, but it's possible to complete the task without compromising on the level of care your loved one needs.

To learn more about your options, contact removalists near you.