Moving house is no easy undertaking, but it's certainly a task that's manageable. The secret to success is to do everything you can to stay organised. While you can't guarantee that everything will go smoothly, the more you do to prepare, the better. Here are some ways to stay organised when you move house.

Begin Ditching and Donating

With every house move comes the discovery that you have way more stuff than you need. Allowing yourself to transport that stuff from place to place makes organisation harder to achieve. Ahead of the move, go through each room in your home and identify items that you no longer want. To take a green approach, consider donating them before discarding them. With fewer items to transport, your local removals team is likely to charge less too.

Organise Your Current Property

Even though you're about to leave it, organising your current property is worthwhile. Begin gathering boxes and place them around your house. Ensure each item you place in the box is relevant to the room it is in. By doing this, you can continue using the essentials ahead of your move. When the time comes for you to leave, you can seal the boxes, safe in the knowledge that their contents will be relevant to each room in your new home when the unpacking starts.

Reduce Down to the Essentials

Packing is a huge task, especially when there's more than one person occupying your home. Once you know which items you'll use regularly between now and the big day, pack away anything that's non-essential. Packing these items in stages means that moving will feel less overwhelming in the weeks building up to the big day. 

Plan Moving Specialist Items Early

Not all removal firms are equipped to take specialist items such as pianos and antique furniture. Because of this, you need to make sure you mention them to prospective firms early into the planning process to get the assurance they can move everything safely. Doing this early also means you're less likely to face a last-minute scrabble for firms when your move is just around the corner.

Try not to worry about executing your move slowly and carefully. Moving into a new property can feel emotionally and physically draining. By not rushing the process, you're less likely to encounter the type of burnout that can make organising difficult. Finally, make sure you use a local removals firm.