Outdoor storage units are probably the most common storage units. Typically, these units are located in facilities owned by storage companies. Suppose you need outdoor storage space; what assessments would help you determine a suitable unit? Continue reading for some insights. 

Size of The Unit

Your storage needs should be your primary determinant when deciding the size of the unit. Create an inventory of the items you intend to store to know which size suits your needs. If you want to store bulky items such as boats, ATVs, and furniture, check their dimensions to know if they can comfortably fit in the unit. Remember, the unit should be a bit spacious to ensure easy access. Finally, consider your future storage needs. Most companies will allow you to upgrade to a larger unit in the future. However, are you prepared for the hassles of moving your items from one unit to the other? Why not go for a large unit at once? Remember, the extra space could be used as an offsite office. 


Two factors will come into play when examining the accessibility of the unit. First, you need to check the accessibility of your preferred storage facility. For instance, is it close to your home or office? Suppose you needed to retrieve something from the storage unit late at night; you could be uncomfortable driving for long hours to get to the storage unit. Moreover, check whether the storage facility has well-paved roads to ensure easy access. 

Next, consider the accessibility of the rented unit inside the storage facility. For instance, if you plan to store a boat or furniture, check whether you can drive up to the unit's entrance. Then, check whether the unit has a wide entrance. Otherwise, you will experience difficulties when taking large items into the unit. 

Features of The Unit

Below are some features you could need in an outdoor storage unit: 

  • A climate control system to protect fragile items from too much heat and humidity.
  • Ample lighting to ensure you can quickly locate items.
  • Shelves or cabinets to store small items such as documents, paintings, and artefacts.
  • Security systems, including CCTV, alarms, and restricted access systems. 

Company Incentives

Most storage companies have similar storage units. However, the easiest way to determine a suitable service provider is by assessing the company's incentives. For instance, some companies will give significant discounts or a few months' free storage if you sign a long-term contract. On the other hand, some companies will offer co-working spaces and long-term parking to their clients. These incentives will ensure you get value for your money. 

When choosing an outdoor storage unit, assess its size, accessibility, features, and the company incentives.